Bait, farm shop & cafe

Coarse fishing pellets

We sell the renowned Skretting coarse pellets (2 / 4 / 6 / 8 & 11mm) and superb Coppens premium coarse pellets (2 / 4 / 6 & 8mm) in both 1.0kg + 2.5kg bags. Available in the Farm Shop or on the bank, please speak with our bailiffs.

Sacks of both varieties (25kg) are available upon request.

25% discount…

Anglers purchasing a day ticket enjoy over 25% discount on all coarse fishing pellets purchased on the same day.


McCallums Farm Shop

Enjoy a taste of farm life with an array of produce including our home cooked pies and ready meals cooked daily here at the farm shop are perfect for a quick and easy meal after a days fishing.

McCallums Cafe

Our cafe is an ideal way to sample some of the goods on offer in our farm shop. Toilets with disabled access are also available.

Restrictions due to Covid 19

Under Government restrictions we are currently offering a take-away service. A selection of hot and cold sandwiches along with drinks. For regular updates, please follow our Farm Shop on Facebook.

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